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The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma – Risk Taking vs Stability

A high risk tolerance is one of the hallmark characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. When an entrepreneur founds a company, she has by definition entered an extremely high risk situation. According to Harvard Business School 70% – 80% of new businesses fail when failure is defined as an inability to get adequate return on investment .

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Preparing your Company for a Sale or Acquisition

One of the most daunting parts of selling your business is the preparation. For entrepreneurs, the need to run the business far outweighs the required time to gather diligence items. Preparation to a long list of tasks, however, is key to selling a business. Buyers each emphasize their own business metrics, so it is best

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Why Hiring an Unconflicted Investment Bank Advisor Matters

In the M&A process, investment banks (“advisors”) are used to advise both buyers and sellers.  Advisors can choose which side they would like to work on (but not both simultaneously) and indeed most firms have acted in both capacities at some point in time.  Advising on both the buy-side and sell-side, however, poses an inherent

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Selecting a Boutique vs. Middle-Market Investment Bank

When it comes to providing M&A services to SMBs, boutique investment banks (“boutiques”) and middle-market investment banks (“MMBs”) are the primary players. This overview is meant to help in selecting which advisor to use for your transaction. General Services and Structure: A typical MMB offers a wide range of investment banking services that may include

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