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The Calculus of Revenue Growth

One of the most common questions entrepreneurs ask us is what is the best way to measure and analyze revenue? Usually most of the discussion and debate centers around software vs. services, recurring vs. non-recurring and organic vs. inorganic growth. Almost no time is allocated to discussing what metric should be used to analyze revenue

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The Downside of Giving a Buyer Exclusivity When Selling a Business

Ask any private equity firm or strategic acquirer about their thoughts on exclusivity and they will say it is absolutely essential in order for them to move forward on any transaction.  Their main argument being that since they are spending a significant amount of money and resources to get the deal closed they have indicated

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The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma – Risk Taking vs Stability

A high risk tolerance is one of the hallmark characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. When an entrepreneur founds a company, she has by definition entered an extremely high risk situation. According to Harvard Business School 70% – 80% of new businesses fail when failure is defined as an inability to get adequate return on investment .

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Preparing your Company for a Sale or Acquisition

One of the most daunting parts of selling your business is the preparation. For entrepreneurs, the need to run the business far outweighs the required time to gather diligence items. Preparation to a long list of tasks, however, is key to selling a business. Buyers each emphasize their own business metrics, so it is best

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Thoughts on “The Fatal Flaw in Underwriter Selection”

Earlier today, an article was published on PeHub regarding the mistake that many companies and VCs make when hiring investment banks for an IPO process.  Timothy Keating, the writer, states that the primary reason for the underperformance by the bulge bracket banks on IPOs is due to the disconnect in their IPO clients vs. their

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The Current State of Technology Boutique Investment Banks

With the economy generally improving and the M&A markets showing increasing signs of life, we thought is was a good time to review how technology boutique investment banks have performed since the Global Financial Crisis.  During 2009, everyone knew it was really bad, but now we have more context (and data) for just how bad

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